About Andrew Campbell

Andrew has a wide and varied experience in engineering, analysis and solutions development for a range of clients across all industries and locations.

Andrew has a Chemical Engineering degree from Curtin University of Technology in Perth Australia. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Business. Andrew has also completed a Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of Greenwich, London UK.

Andrew has worked at HIsmelt – a pilot and then development plant for the direct smelting of iron (a more environmentally friendly option to blast furnaces). As a result of this work, Rio Tinto sponsored the PhD work examining freeze layers in direct smelting furnaces with a focus on using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to assist with cooling and process issues with this new technology.

After completing his PhD, Andrew worked at the Olympic Dam copper smelter for Western Mining Corporation (WMC) and BHP Billiton where he performed development activities around the flash smelting operations including significant work to improve the safety of blister copper tapping operations.

Currently Andrew works for WorleyParsons where he is a Managing Consultant for the Advanced Analysis consulting practice in Perth, Australia.

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